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"Cold-crashing?" "Racking?" What do all these terms mean?Updated a year ago

If you've already seen the posts in the First Pour Club or Club Brewsy, you might have noticed some terms that seem unfamiliar.

Don't worry, making wine with Brewsy is much easier than you might think! It only takes about 7 days and requires about 10 minutes of preparation.

As you prepare your Brewsy and pick out your juice, add your sugar, and add your Brewsy bag, you're getting it ready for fermentation.

During fermentation, your Brewsy stays in a warm, dark place. The yeast in your Brewsy bag get to work, and start converting sugar into alcohol.

After around 5 days, or whenever your Brewsy tastes dry enough, it's time to move onto the next step.

Cold-crashing means putting your wine in the fridge. The cold forces all the yeast and solids to the bottom of your wine, making it easier for you to remove them in the next step. Without removing the yeast and solids in your wine, your wine would taste a little funky.  

It also stops the fermentation — so it prevents the yeast from eating any more sugar and turning it into alcohol.


Racking means pouring your wine off of the layer of solids that formed at the bottom of your jug during cold-crashing. You'll pour your wine into a different container, leaving the sediment at the bottom behind and discarding it.

Removing all of this sediment helps give your wine a clearer, more refined taste!

Our starter recipe goes over every step, so check that out as well!

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