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Can I make hard kombucha with Brewsy?Updated a year ago

Brewsy can't make kombucha from scratch, but you CAN make hard kombucha if you’ve already made some yourself (or gotten some from the store).

Be sure to decarbonate it at first — you can do this by repetitively shaking your bottle and releasing the cap until no more gas is released, or you can simmer your 'booch for a few minutes.

Use the drink designer and if your kombucha is sugar-free, put in 10g of sugar per 8 fl oz anyways (so that the calculator can do its math).

Then, add your sugar and you're off!

Tip: We recommend saving some tea or juice to add to your kombucha later — the yeast in your Brewsy bag can nibble away at delicate flavors, and saving tea or juice to add after racking can improve the overall flavor. 

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