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Can I make sugar-free or keto wine with Brewsy?Updated a year ago

Yes! You can make sugar-free and keto wine with Brewsy ☺️

First, choose a juice to use. Certain juices taste better sweet than dry, so check out some of our recommendations:

  • Cranberry (any variety will work)
  • Pomegranate (especially if you like bold, tannic reds)
  • Cherry (you’ll have best results with juice that’s only made of cherries — there are many varieties, such as Juicy Juice, that are actually mostly apple juice.)
  • Concord or Red Grape
  • Any kind of iced tea
  • Mead

It's not necessary to use sugar-free juice, because the artificial sweeteners can interfere with the fermentation. Tropical juices, like pineapple, should also not be made keto — they're too acidic to make good dry wine.

After you've chosen your juice, visit our drink designer and select the option dry | keto. Add the right amount of sugar according to the drink designer, and your yeast will start eating it up. Even though it may seem like you're adding a lot of sugar, don't worry. The yeast will eat virtually all of it and convert it into alcohol.

Optional: After you’ve finished making your wine, you can add Stevia, Splenda, or another artificial sweetener of your choice for some calorie-free sweetener.

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