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Does this work with juices with preservatives, or pasteurized juice?Updated a year ago

Yes! The Brewsy formula will actually work with almost all store-bought juice (even Arnold Palmer, if you wanted to go there). In U.S grocery stores, most juice is preserved with ascorbic acid, which works completely fine with our formula and does not impact the fermentation.

We've seen Brewsy made with Gatorade, Arnold Palmer, and Capri Sun before — and even orange soda and Mountain Dew!

The one preservative you'll want to look out for is potassium sorbate — but luckily, it's very, very rarely found in American juice brands. If you're using juice from a different country, keep an eye out for it, though. Also, occasionally some family farms and orchards preserve their juice with it, so just make sure your juice doesn't have any in it before you use it with Brewsy.

Aside from that, Brewsy will work with any store-bought juice — other additives and preservatives won't effect the fermentation much.

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