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How can I carbonate my drink?Updated a year ago

Many of us prefer drinking carbonated wine and ciders. You can simply follow these easy instructions to make your drink fizz like nobody’s business!

1. Follow our starter recipe or another recipe on our website until after you've cold-crashed for 48 hours.

2. Rack for the first time into a plastic container. You can use a 2L soda bottle, which is made to hold carbonation very effectively! Otherwise, you can use a plastic juice container or gallon jug.

3. Tighten the cap on your bottle and leave it outside the fridge for 12-36 hours in the plastic container. The container will bulge!

4. Refrigerate the container again with the cap screwed on tightly for another 24 hours and taste to ensure that wine/cider is carbonated to your delight. If not, repeat step 2.

Enjoy! Your wine/cider will continue to improve with age.

If you're planning on storing your wine for a while, sediment will build up again, and you'll want to rack your wine once more. This won't impact the carbonation of your wine if you're able to rack it carefully & slowly.

If you have a Spärkle, that will also work very well for carbonating your drink! However, soda streams won't work with alcoholic drinks. 

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