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How do I store my wine at room temperature? / How do I age my wine?Updated a year ago

You'll need to use two additives to safely store your room at room temperature — both to protect the flavor and to prevent carbonation and re-fermentation. You can pick them up in the Aging Kit.


Here are instructions for how to store your wine safely at room temperature:

1). Cold-crash your Brewsy, then rack it.

2). Grab your container of Flavor Protector (potassium metabisulfite), and 1/8 tsp (about the size of half an M&M) into a few spoonfuls of warm water. Let it dissolve, then pour it into your Brewsy. If you're using GoClear, you can also add it now, as well.

3). Return your wine to the fridge with the lid on loosely, then wait at least 4 days. At the end of that, rack your Brewsy again. Then, repeat step #2 and add another round of Flavor Protector.

4). Wait at least 24 hours, then grab your container of Fermentation Stabilizer (potassium sorbate). Add 1/2 tsp to a few spoonfuls of warm water, and let it dissolve. 

5). Then, add the potassium sorbate to your gallon of Brewsy. Transfer it to the fridge, and leave the lid on loosely. Refrigerate it for at least 24 hours.

6). After you've let the Fermentation Stabilizer sit for at least 24 hours, it's time for a 7-day waiting period to ensure that your Brewsy is ready for safe room temperature storage. Seal your container with something easy to remove, and leave it out at room temperature for 7 days.

7). After one week of room temperature storage, carefully remove the lid and make sure no gas is escaping. If it feels like no pressure was released, your wine is ready to be stored!

If you like, bottle it into smaller containers and cork it.

If it feels like pressure was released, prepare another dose of Flavor Protector and Fermentation Stabilizer, and add it to your wine. Then, let it age for another week and check on it again.

8). Finally, let your Brewsy age! Keep it somewhere cool and dark, if possible. The taste will get better and better with time!

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