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I want my wine to taste more complex and less flat.Updated a year ago

If you want to add more depth to the flavor profile of your wine, you can add tannins — all you need ot do is make a cup of very strong tea.

If you’ve ever tasted that dry flavor in a way that leaves your mouth puckering, that’s from tannins. 
Tannins usually come from using the seeds, skin, and even stems of wine grapes during fermentation. 

The more of these grape pieces that are left in the wine during fermentation, the more tannic the wine becomes. We can replicate this flavor easily with something you might already have in your kitchen — black tea! 

Boil a cup of water, and add 3 black tea bags. Let them steep for 10 minutes. 

Black tea has tons of natural tannin-like compounds which will add huge depth of flavor to your wine. Then, add this super-strong tea little by little. Taste your wine occasionally, until it tastes just right.

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