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My apple cider tastes a bit off.Updated a year ago

Apple cider can sometimes be tricky, because the juice itself is such a mild flavor. Sometimes, it takes a bit of work to get the flavor of your cider to turn out perfectly, but it's worth the wait! Here are three strategies:

1). Add GoClear

Mild juices, like apple juice, sometimes hang onto yeasty flavors longer than other juices. Adding GoClear to your cider will help rid it of off-flavors that might be interfering with the taste. Here's how to add it.

2). Backsweeten Your Cider

A little sweetness can go a long way here!

To backsweeten your cider, combine about a cup of apple juice with several spoonfuls of honey or brown sugar. Optionally, add a splash of vanilla and a cinnamon stick. Then, simmer the mixture together until the honey/sugar is dissolved, and add it to your cider.

3). Let it age

Apple cider needs a bit of time to age before it's really delicious to drink. Let it age for a few weeks, racking about once a week or so (or whenever you see sediment building up at the bottom) and then give it another try.

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