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My wine tastes flat, bitter, or tart. How can I sweeten it?Updated a year ago

Luckily, it's easy to fix bitter, flat, or tart wine. All you’ll want to do is give it a bit more sweetness, and it will improve a lot! A little sweetness goes a long way to balance off-flavors and acidity. 🍭

You can do so by backsweetening, or adding a simple syrup. Most wineries do this to their finished wines, too! If you already have flavored simple syrups that you use with your coffee, those are awesome. If you don’t, you can make your own!

Combine together one part water or juice and one part sugar in a cup or bowl, and then microwave them until the sugar is dissolved (about 30 seconds). You can also simmer the sugar and water together on the stove.

Then, add your sweetness by the glass to taste. Once you've decided how much sweetness you'd like to add to a glass, you can add it to your bottle, as well.

You can use a different kind of juice to add complexity to your drink’s flavor — for example, you can add cranberry simple syrup to apple cider for a bold feel.


One part sugar and one part water/ juice does the trick! 

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