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My wine tastes yeasty!Updated a year ago

Your wine made with Brewsy has no preservatives or sulfites, like wine from the store does. Because of that, there’s still tiny little bits of live yeast in there. 🍷

They won’t do any harm, but some people can be a bit sensitive to the taste at first. If you find yourself in that category, don’t worry. We’ll be able to remove all of the yeast — sometimes it can just take a few more steps.

First, make sure you've cold-crashed and racked your wine at least once. Every time you rack your wine, it will get less yeasty.

All set? Here are some tips.


1. Use GoClear

Almost all professional wineries use a fining agent or clarifying agent to improve the clarity of their wine and remove yeasty off-flavors. 

If your wine is tasting yeasty, the first step is to grab some GoClear and add it to your wine. You can add it any time after you've racked your wine at least once. 

The molecules in GoClear will bind to the solids in your wine and force them to the bottom. Then, it'll be easier to remove them. You can read more about how to use it here!

2. Wait a few weeks

If you decide not to use GoClear, your wine can manually clear itself, as well. It just takes a little bit more time.

Let your wine age in the fridge, with the lid on loosely. Whenever you see a layer of sediment build up at the bottom of your container, rack your wine again (usually about once a week).

If neither method works for you, we recommend choosing a different type of juice. Mild juices without bold flavors — like apple juice, white grape juice, and peach juice — can often hang onto these yeasty flavors longer than other juices. For your next round, try a juice with a bolder flavor. Here are some suggestions:

If you made white grape juice or peach juice, try white cranberry-peach
If you made apple juice, try cranberry-apple juice 

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