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What are the ingredients in a Brewsy bag? Is Brewsy just yeast?Updated a year ago

Each Brewsy bag is a carefully-tested blend of six different winemaking ingredients! We've tested over a thousand bottles of wine to make sure the ratio of ingredients is just right.

We use the following ingredients:

1). Organic wine yeast

We've chosen a commercially-unavailable strain of wine yeast, only available to professional wineries (and now you!)

We chose the yeast for its ability to bring out delicate, floral flavors in your wine, and also for its ability to work fast (about 5 days) with very little 'babysitting.'

2). A blend of organic yeast micronutrients and yeast energizer

To make sure the yeast have all the nutrients they need to work quickly and stay healthy. Our micronutrients hydrate the yeast and give them speed + sustenance as they convert sugars into alcohol.

3). Potassium Bicarbonate

Added to reduce acidity in your wine.

4). Bentonite

A volcanic clay that clarifies your wine and reduces cloudiness.

5). Malolactic Culture

We co-innoculate malolactic culture in a Brewsy bag, which works for weeks to convert harsher, malic acids to smoother lactic acids. 

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