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What kind of juice do you recommend using for a foolproof first batch?Updated a year ago

If this is your very first batch, we definitely recommend going with any variety of cranberry juice. You can use cranberry cocktail, 100% cranberry, or a cranberry mixture.

It's crisp, and it’s got a bold flavor that's made it an all-time winner. 

There are a lot of options to choose from, and all of them are good, so take your pick! But, here are our personalized recommendations:

🍷 If you like red wine, try a cranberry-blackberry to start.

🥂 If you like white wine, go for a white cranberry-peach.

🍎 And if you’re a cider person, pick up a few bottles of cranberry-apple.

Once you've selected your juice, head on over to our starter recipe to get things rolling!

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