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What kind of juices should I use if I like a bold, dry red?Updated a year ago

For those delicious bold, dry reds, we have a few go-tos.

1) You can use a wine grape juice starter.

There's nothing quite like wine-grape juice to replicate those bold, tannic flavors. Professional winemakers leave in grape skins, seeds, stems to produce tannins and a compound called rotundone, which is responsible for earthy, peppery aromas you might find.

2) If you like full-bodied, tannic reds, try cran-blackberry juice, made semi-dry on the drink designer. Then, check out our tips for how to add tannins at the end of the process.

3) If you like smooth, fruit-forward dry reds, combine 2 parts dark cherry juice and 1 part red or concord grape juice. Select semi-dry on the drink designer.

Make sure your cherry juice is 100% cherry juice. Check the ingredients, and steer clear of brands that combine cherry juice with apple or pear juice, which dilute the flavor of the cherries.

After you've finished the process, allow 2-3 weeks for aging in the fridge for the best results!

4) If you like your reds on the bolder, more acidic side, pomegranate juice turns out awesome, too. We recommend making it semi-dry on the drink designer.

For the flavor of your dry red wine to really develop, prepare to let your wine age for 2 to 3 weeks. Dry wine can sometimes taste harsh at first to some people — age will mellow your wine out and create a smoother, more refined flavor.

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