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What's in the box?Updated a year ago

Tons of stuff! But most importantly, each basic kit has three Brewsy bags and two airlocks.

Each Brewsy bag turns one gallon juice into wine in seven days. Each little packet is a combination of six different ingredients —  specially formulated to create really tasty wine, super fast! You can read about how these ingredients work in tandem here.

Each airlock is like a special cap for your juice container — it lets carbonation escape as the fermentation goes on, but prevents anything else from getting in.  Ours are universal, and fit almost every juice container. They’re also infinitely reusable, unlike the brewsy bags.

Along with the three brewsy bags and two airlocks, we send you some stickers, access to our private Facebook communities - Brewsy's First Pour Club and Club Brewsy - to share your new favorite hobby with others, and also a service that lets you chat back-and-forth with us via text any time about any issues or questions you’re having!

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