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Why do I need to add extra sugar to my juice?Updated a year ago

First, we should say don't worry! You can still make sugar-free wine with Brewsy BY adding sugar.

If you're using store-bought juice and not special wine grape juice, you'll need to add sugar to feed the yeast. Wine grapes are bred to be especially sweet, so that they have enough sugar for the yeast to convert into alcohol.

But store-bought juices aren't sweet enough, and the yeast don't have enough food (sugar). Since they don't have enough food without adding extra sugar, the yeast won't be able to produce very much alcohol, and your wine will have a low alcohol content.

By adding sugar, we're giving the yeast enough food to eat! If you choose to make your wine dry or keto, the yeast will eat all the sugar and convert it into alcohol, and you'll have sugar-free wine.

You can check out some of the science behind it here:


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