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Why will aging help my wine improve over time?Updated a year ago

When you make wine using traditional methods, it's generally recommended to age your wine for many months, or even a year. Aging your wine made with Brewsy will help as well, but you'll notice a huge difference just after one month.

There are ingredients in each Brewsy bag that work for weeks after fermentation is over. Specifically, the malolactic culture in each Brewsy bag transforms harsh, bitter flavors into a mouthfeel that is smoother, rounder, and more refined.

Every wine also goes through a process called maturation as it ages, which further alters the flavors. Bitter aromas dissipate, and they’re replaced with lighter, more delicate ones.

As you age your wine, make sure you’re periodically removing the sediment that gathers at the bottom. It will get better and better with time.

The only reason aging might not help is if you don’t actually like the juice you used in the first place. Then, you might want to experiment with different flavor profiles instead — if you need a recommendation, shoot us a text or email and tell us what you like!

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