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Will sugar-free juice work for Brewsy?Updated a year ago

The short answer is technically, yes! If you're a big fan of a certain sugar-free juice, you can use it to make Brewsy. 

But the long answer is that if you like your wine to taste dry and less sweet, it's actually better to use juice with sugar.

During fermentation, the yeast eat natural sugars in your wine. They'll chomp them up and produce alcohol. However, the yeast in your Brewsy bag cannot process artificial sweeteners, so the artificial sweeteners in your juice won't get converted into alcohol — and your juice will stay the same sweetness level that it was originally.

If you'd like to make sugar-free wine, it's best to choose a juice with sugar, and then choose dry | keto on our drink designer. The yeast will eat all of the sugar, and you'll have virtually sugar-free, bone-dry wine!

Here's the cool part: after it's finished, you can add artificial sweeteners to sweeten your wine afterwards! Splenda, Stevia, monkfruit, or any other calorie-free sweetener will work.

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