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Oh no, my juice container doesn't fit in the fridge!

It's okay! You can divide it up into smaller containers and refrigerate those separately.Your wine only needs to stay together in one container during fermentation. Once the yeast have finished doing their thing, feel free to split your container up

Is it okay to leave Brewsy cold-crashing longer than 2 days?

Yes! Sediment drops at different speeds. If you're not seeing any sediment at the bottom of your container after 2 days, you can continue to let your Brewsy cold-crash until you see sediment. Several more days of cold-crashing before racking won't hu

How cold should it be during cold-crashing?

You should put your Brewsy in the coolest part of your fridge! 34°F is perfect, but it's okay if it's a little warmer. (Colder is too — wine won't freeze until about 25°F).In cooler temps, the ingredients from your brewsy bag become less soluble. The