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How long should I let it ferment for?

How long should I let it go for?

Is it okay to it ferment for a long time? How long can I let it ferment?

Yes! In fact, leaving your wine in fermentation, even for 2 weeks, is completely fine. Your wine will just get very dry, and it will be right around 13% ABV.If you've tasted your wine and it tastes weak, or way too sweet, you should let it ferment fo

After taste-testing, it still tastes way too sweet/ it seems like it didn't work. What should I do?

First, check to make sure that your juice doesn't contain an ingredient called "potassium sorbate." it will kill the yeast! Then, double-check to make sure you added enough sugar (you should have added at least a cup or more) and added your Brewsy ba

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