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Setting Up Your Equipment

What kind of container should I use?

How can I make sure that my batch of brewsy stays warm enough?

Don’t worry too much — the yeast generate their own heat, so your temps don’t necessarily need to be a consistent 75°F.  Brewsy can be made even in cooler houses.There are a couple ways you can make sure your wine stays warm without cranking the heat

Should I use the entire brewsy bag for my creation? / Can I split the Brewsy bag?

You'll need the whole bag, even if you’re making a smaller batch.Wine yeast is only one ingredient in your Brewsy bag. The rest of your Brewsy bag is chock-full of yeast nutrient, yeast energizer, clarifying agents, malolactic culture, and ingredient

What should I do if the airlock doesn't fit?

The airlock’s purpose is to let carbonation out and not let anything else in. So if it doesn’t fit perfectly on your container, that’s okay!We have a couple tips if your jug is a bit too small for it:. 1. Detach the rubber stopper from the plastic ai

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