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Adding The Sugar

Can I make sugar-free or keto wine with Brewsy?

Yes! You can make sugar-free and keto wine with Brewsy ☺️. First, choose a juice to use. Certain juices taste better sweet than dry, so check out some of our recommendations:. It's not necessary to use sugar-free juice, because the artificial sweeten

Do I need to add sugar to Brewsy Reserves?

Nope, no need to add any sugar to the Reserves. Most juice doesn't have enough natural sugar to give the yeast enough food to eat and turn into alcohol, but the Reserves are made from fresh-pressed wine grape juice, which are especially bred to be ex

Can I use brown sugar, coconut sugar, maple syrup, or honey in place of sugar?

Yes! Just give your fermentation 2 - 3 extra days. The yeast needs more time to process these more molecularly complex, delicious sugars.

Can I use monkfruit, Splenda, or Stevia in place of sugar?

Calorie-free sweeteners can't replace sugar, because the yeast needs a caloric sugar to produce alcohol. Sugar is your yeast's food, and without it, the yeast won't be able to convert anything into alcohol for you.Luckily, you still CAN make sugar-fr

Why is it sometimes necessary to pour a bit of juice out before getting started?

If you have the same amount of juice as your container, the drink designer will tell you to pour a bit of juice out of the container. Usually, 2 to 3 inches of headroom (empty space on the top of your container) is sufficient.During fermentation, the

How should I decide what sweetness level to make my wine?

While every juice will taste good sweet (if you like sweet wine), not every juice makes the best dry wine.Some juices need extra sweetness to bring out their unique flavors. Otherwise, the yeast will gobble away at all their natural sweetness, and th

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