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Why do I need to add extra sugar to my juice?

First, we should say don't worry! You can still make sugar-free wine with Brewsy BY adding sugar.If you're using store-bought juice and not special wine grape juice, you'll need to add sugar to feed the yeast. Wine grapes are bred to be especially sw

Is Brewsy vegan? Is it sulfite-free?

The Brewsy bags are 100% vegan and sulfite free!In each kit, we give you one optional, separate clarifying agent that you can use to make your wine very clear, very fast. It is completely optional and your wine will become very clear without it - it

Does this work with water? Could I make a seltzer?

We get this comment a lot on our ads!While most people on our ads are joking, the answer is actually yes — you can make Brewsy with water! You just have to add sugar. The sugar serves as food for the yeast — it's what they consume to produce alcohol.

Do I need anything else besides the Brewsy box?

You'll need some juice (or another sweet drink, like iced tea) and you'll need some sugar (or honey). You'll also need a gallon container to make your wine in. You can grab one from our shop, or you can use a 99 cent gallon jug from the store.The rea

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