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How do I store my wine at room temperature? / How do I age my wine?

You'll need to use two additives to safely store your room at room temperature — both to protect the flavor and to prevent carbonation and re-fermentation. You can pick them up in the Aging Kit. Here are instructions for how to store your wine safely

How long does it last/ how long can I keep it?

With proper storage outside or inside of the fridge, your Brewsy will last 3 to 5 years!. Read about how to store it inside the fridge here, and how to store it at room temperature here.

How do I store my wine inside of the fridge and without preservatives?

If you want to avoid adding any preservatives in your wine, you'll need to store your wine in the fridge with the lid on loosely. If you want to tighten the cap, you'll need to rack your wine until no sediment builds up for one week of cold-crashing.