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Adding Depth and Complexity

How can I add a bright, slightly tart flavor to my wine?

If your wine is a bit too sweet or tastes a little 'flat,' a squeeze of lemon will really help enhance the flavor!Add a squeeze or two of lemon to your wine. You can add about a tablespoon per gallon. This goes particularly well in lighter wine, like

How can I add a coffee or chocolate flavor to my Brewsy?

Chocolately and coffee flavors can go great with mead or red wine. Some great juices that compliment these flavors nicely are cherry, pomegranate, and red grape!To add a chocolately feel to your wine, dissolve cacao powder in hot water. Let cool, and

How can I add an earthy, peppery flavor to my wine?

If you're a fan of peppery wine, we suggest making a red wine like cranberry, pomegranate, or red grape! Then, you can actually add whole peppercorns to your wine. Add them during cold crashing, and let them steep for 2 - 4 days. Then, remove them, r

How can I add a bold, dry flavor to my wine or cider?

If you’re a fan of darker, dryer wines, like merlot, you can add tannins. If you’ve ever tasted that dry flavor in a way that leaves your mouth puckering, that’s from tannins. Tannins usually come from using the seeds, skin, and even stems of wine gr

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