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Common FAQs

What are the ingredients in a Brewsy bag? Is Brewsy just yeast?

Each Brewsy bag is a carefully-tested blend of six different winemaking ingredients! We've tested over a thousand bottles of wine to make sure the ratio of ingredients is just right.We use the following ingredients:1). Organic wine yeastWe've chosen

Can I make sugar-free or keto wine?

Absolutely! In fact, every single recipe we have can be made low-sugar or no-sugar. We let YOU decide how sweet you want your wine for every single recipe.Note: it might seem strange, but you still need to add a little bit of sugar to your juice for

Does this work with juices with preservatives, or pasteurized juice?

Yes! The Brewsy formula will actually work with almost all store-bought juice (even Arnold Palmer, if you wanted to go there). In U.S grocery stores, most juice is preserved with ascorbic acid, which works completely fine with our formula and does no

How does it work?

The Brewsy scientists spent months and months reverse-engineering the factors behind commercial winemaking and scaled them down into a little friendly packet! Six ingredients work in tandem in each Brewsy bag to create tasty wine at record speed for

Is it GMO free? Sustainably sourced? Made in the USA? Made without artificial ingredients or flavors? Made without sulfites?

Yes! All of the above. We are happy to have created a very fantastic and good-for-the-world product. We wouldn't do it any other way.

What's in the box?

Tons of stuff! But most importantly, each basic kit has three Brewsy bags and two airlocks.Each Brewsy bag turns one gallon juice into wine in seven days. Each little packet is a combination of six different ingredients —  specially formulated to cre

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