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Picking Out the Juice

What kind of juice do you recommend using for a foolproof first batch?

If this is your very first batch, we definitely recommend going with any variety of cranberry juice. You can use cranberry cocktail, 100% cranberry, or a cranberry mixture.It's crisp, and it’s got a bold flavor that's made it an all-time winner. Ther

Can I use juice cocktail? Can I use juice that needs to be refrigerated? Does it have to be 100% juice?

You can use any kind of juice — it doesn't have to be 100% juice. You could even use Gatorade!. And yes, any juice that needs to be refrigerated is perfectly fine to use with Brewsy. Fermentation starts so fast that your juice will become alcohol ver

What kind of juices should I use if I like a bold, dry red?

For those delicious bold, dry reds, we have a few go-tos. 1) You can use a wine grape juice starter.There's nothing quite like wine-grape juice to replicate those bold, tannic flavors. Professional winemakers leave in grape skins, seeds, stems to pro

What kind of juice makes a good Chardonnay or Pinot Grigio?

For our white wine lovers, we recommend using white-cranberry peach juice! It may sound like an interesting choice, but it's our favorite juice to use for white wine.You can also check out our fresh-pressed selection of wine grape juice from Napa + S

Will fruit nectar work for Brewsy?

We'd recommend skipping the nectar, or any smoothie-like drink, and going for the juice variety instead.In general, juices that are “thicker” won’t make the best wine, because it's hard to separate their natural sediment from the yeast and other ingr

Will sugar-free juice work for Brewsy?

The short answer is technically, yes! If you're a big fan of a certain sugar-free juice, you can use it to make Brewsy. But the long answer is that if you like your wine to taste dry and less sweet, it's actually better to use juice with sugar.During

Will this work with drinks with preservatives?

Yes! Fortunately, Brewsy will work with many drinks with preservatives — that means most drinks on the American market!The yeast we use in each Brewsy bag are strong and hearty enough to overcome most preservatives. We've helped them along with a car

How can I make wine with fresh grapes?

Here's how to make a gallon of wine with fresh grapes:. 1). Crush the grapes with your hands or with a press thoroughly. 10 pounds of grapes is enough to make about a gallon of wine.2). Add about 1/3 gallon of hot water to your grape crush, and mix w

Can I use my own fresh fruit?

Absolutely!Just be sure to juice your fruit first. We recommend chopping or crushing your fruit up, and then freezing it to break down the cell walls and better extract the flavor.Then, simmer your fruit with water in a large pot for 20 minutes to ex

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