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How to Fix Problems with Your Wine

My wine tastes yeasty!

Your wine made with Brewsy has no preservatives or sulfites, like wine from the store does. Because of that, there’s still tiny little bits of live yeast in there. 🍷They won’t do any harm, but some people can be a bit sensitive to the taste at first

My wine tastes way too sweet!

If it's too sweet, don't worry! There are a couple things you can do to fix this.If you’ve racked your wine 0 — 1 times:. Your wine still has live yeast in it, and you can actually let it ferment again! The yeast will continue to eat more sugar.Take

My wine tastes flat, bitter, or tart. How can I sweeten it?

Luckily, it's easy to fix bitter, flat, or tart wine. All you’ll want to do is give it a bit more sweetness, and it will improve a lot! A little sweetness goes a long way to balance off-flavors and acidity. 🍭You can do so by backsweetening, or addin

It seems like there's no alcohol in my wine/It didn't work.

First, check a few things:1) Does your wine taste dry or bitter, or does it taste super sweet?2) Are there any carbonation bubbles in your wine?. If your wine tastes dry, bitter, or carbonated, there's alcohol in it indeed! We know this because when

My apple cider tastes a bit off.

Apple cider can sometimes be tricky, because the juice itself is such a mild flavor. Sometimes, it takes a bit of work to get the flavor of your cider to turn out perfectly, but it's worth the wait! Here are three strategies:1). Add GoClear. Mild jui

My wine tastes like vinegar, or harsh, or way too alcoholic.

If you fermented your wine for a long time, or if you chose "dry" as your sweetness level, you might find that the end product tastes super alcoholic and kind of harsh. It might even taste like vinegar (but don't worry, it's not — it takes months for

I want my wine to taste more complex and less flat.

If you want to add more depth to the flavor profile of your wine, you can add tannins — all you need ot do is make a cup of very strong tea.If you’ve ever tasted that dry flavor in a way that leaves your mouth puckering, that’s from tannins. Tannins

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